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Get to Bakin'! Vegan cupcakes, vegan blondies, vegan apple crisp, vegan pumpkin bread
If you've never made sushi rolls before, use our steps and tips below. After you've tried our recipes, experiment with your own. We also like to use blanched spinach, shredded carrot, slivered daikon, julienned baked tofu, and tempura-fried veggies.
> Spicy Tempeh Roll
> Goin' back to Cali roll
> Yamroom roll
> Elephant Roll
Everyone loves sushi!
What I love best is the blending of the flavors and textures: vinegary rice, chewy nori and cool-hot wasabi paste. It's fun to make a couple of rolls for yourself as a simple meal or get crazy with multiple fillings for a party. With practice you'll be able to bang out these rolls in minutes, at a fraction of the price of takeout, and you'll always know what the ingredients are.

Any well-stocked Korean, Japanese and maybe even Chinese grocery should have all the utensils and specialty ingredients on hand. It's quite easy to assemble. Just follow these steps, and if you mess up (which you won't) simply start over with a new piece of nori.

1) Rest the nori sheet on the bamboo mat. With wet hands, take a snowball shaped handful of rice, about a cup's worth. Gently pat onto the bottom 2/3 or so of your nori sheet. The layer of rice should be less than 1/3 inch thick.

2) In the center of your rice lay or spread your fillings horizontally to the end of each side—the less filling, the easier it will be to roll. Aim for about 1 1/2 tablespoons of Spicy Tempeh, or three slices of avocado, etc. You'll figure it out.

3) Using the mat, gently roll up that sushi from the end facing you; try to keep your grip relatively tight for a firm roll. When you've reached the seaweed-only end, pat gently with a little bit of vinegar water to seal the roll.

4) Slice your roll into 1-inch pieces with a sharp, serrated knife. That's it! Make a hundred of 'em.

Terry's Tips
Here are some tips for fool-proof sushi rolls that'll have your friends thinking you're some kind of magical sushi wizard.

1) Have all your ingredients prepared
Prepare all your ingredients while the rice is cooking. Assembling sushi is all about having your fillings prepared and right there, so that you can make rolls assembly line style. Have your bamboo mat laid out on a kitchen towel. If you like, toast nori sheets briefly over a flame, holding with tongs (this only takes a few second, be careful!).

2) Keep your hands moist
Have a small bowl of water with a dash of rice vinegar handy. You'll need to keep your hands moist when working with the warm sticky rice.

3) Use the proper sushi rice
I used to go all heath nut and make this with brown rice. After all these years I can knowlingly recommend...don't bother. The brown rice does not form as nice a firm, tasty roll, and I think its flavor interferes with the filling flavors. You'll still get plenty o' fiber from all those other veggies you'll be eating.

4) Fresh is best
Sushi tastes best right when you make it. If you must refrigerate it, don't use the avocado (turns brown & ugly), and let it warm up to room temperature before eating for best flavor.

Stuff to get
Here's everything you'll need for dream sushi
· Wasabi powder or   prepared wasabi
· Shoyu soy sauce in small   bowls for dipping
· Pickled sliced ginger
· Bamboo sushi rolling mat
· Chop sticks, of course!